One of the most common complaints in the world of gastroenterology is constipation. Just about everyone, from babies to the elderly, suffer from occasional constipation at some point in their lives – sometimes repeatedly. 

The most common cause of constipation is insufficient water and dietary fiber. Both of which are easy to add to your daily routine. The recommended daily intake of fiber is 30 – 40 grams; some estimates put the actual average American dietary intake at about 40% of that goal. That is alarmingly low! 

There are painful side effects of chronic constipation, such as hemorrhoids, that may need medical attention. There are also illnesses, such as IBS, that have constipation as a recognized symptom and should be treated under the care of a gastroenterologist. 

If you suffer from chronic constipation it is important to get sound medical advice. Self-diagnosis can lead to the overuse of laxatives, which can be dangerous and should be used on an extremely limited basis.