Associates in Digestive Health has a long history of staying on the cutting edge in medicine, and integrative medicine is yet another example of our ever-growing commitment to your needs as patients.


Integrative Medicine is an emerging field that combines conventional Western medical care with integrative therapies, allowing our physicians to partner with you in managing and maintaining your digestive health, rather than exclusively focusing on disease. In the field of Gastroenterology, we incorporate scientifically proven therapies such as dietary changes, individually designed supplements, and stress reduction techniques such as yoga or meditation.

Dr. Bradley Trope has completed his Fellowship in Integrative Medicine under the guidance of Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. In this short two-minute video, Dr. Weil discusses the benefits of integrative medicine for long-term health and wellness and the distinction of partnering with Integrative Medicine Fellowship graduates.  


The science behind this national trend toward holistic care is robust and getting more vast.  Most major reputable institutions have established integrative medicine programs, such as Mayo Clinic, National Institutes of Health, Cleveland Clinic, Duke University, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, and many other highly respected academic institutions. We are Western medicine scientists first and foremost, and therefore subject these integrative techniques to the same rigorous proof that standard medicine is subject to.


We are aware that over 70% of our patients are already taking supplements, and more often than not, patients are being guided by stores’ sale staff rather than physicians. This can result in supplement use that is unnecessary or even harmful. By integrating supplement recommendations into your care, we can eliminate those unnecessary supplements and recommend only those natural supplements that will complement your digestive care, thus preventing harm and promoting health.

If your ADH physician recommends natural supplements to you as a part of your Integrative Gastroenterology care, you can order those supplements from Fullscripts, a nationally recognized pharmacy with whom Associates in Digestive Health has a financial relationship:

Recommended supplements may also be found at, Whole Foods Market, local health stores, or Publix.


Associates in Digestive Health, under the direction of Dr. Trope, has teamed up with several businesses and groups to provide additional support for patients seeking more information on lifestyle changes and nutrition that can lead to better health. Please click on one of these specialized integrative health resources.