Prep Instructions

Colonoscopy Preparation Instructions

Standard Miralax Prep

Prescription Preparations: (Most patients do not require a prescription)

Other Procedures:

To make your procedure check-in process as efficient as possible, please review the following statements and follow the instructions as applicable. Failure to complete all required tasks may result in the delay or rescheduling of your procedure. 


Please click here to review your PRE-PROCEDURE INSTRUCTIONS. All patients having any type of procedure must follow these instructions. 

Please click here to review the INFORMED CONSENT. You will sign an electronic receipt of these consent forms when you arrive at the Surgery Center. 

Please click here to review the SURGERY CENTER PATIENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES. You must PRINT and complete the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and bring it with you to the Surgery Center on the day of your procedure. The acknowledgment download is located at the end of the Patient Rights and Responsibilities. 

Please click here for important information regarding your INSURANCE BENEFITS.

PLEASE NOTE: For patients with Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (AICDs), the use of electrocautery has the potential to trigger an inappropriate AICD firing. Electrocautery will NOT be utilized in patients with AICDs undergoing endoscopic procedures at the Surgery Centers. Should this be deemed necessary at the time of the procedure, you will be referred for a repeat hospital-based procedure.