Any recent antibiotic treatment, barium study, colonoscopy, runny diarrhea or similar conditions can affect the test; therefore, DO NOT perform this test within 14 days of any of these conditions.

 Please click here for a video demonstration of the Sibo preparation instructions, or follow the directions below. 

  • Avoid foods listed in the Preparation Guidelines sheet 12 hours prior to fasting.
  • No smoking, including second-hand smoke, for at least 1 hour before or at any time during the test.
  • No sleeping or vigorous exercise for at least 1 an hour before or at any time during the test.
  • With the exception of water, do not eat/drink anything while fasting or during the test! This can cause false-positive readings or cause your test to be unreadable.
  • Suggested meals prior to fasting are located in the Preparation Guidelines sheet.
  • If you are on any medication or special diets that conflict with these test instructions, it is recommended to speak with your physician before performing this test.

Prepare Test Solution – DO NOT DRINK YET!!!

1.      1.Mix the lactulose into 8-10 ounces of water.

2.      2. Set drink aside, you will consume the solution after you collect your baseline sample.




Collection Time


Before drinking


20 min. after drink


40 min. after drink


60 min. after drink


80 min. after drink


100 min. after drink


120 min. after drink


140 min. after drink


160 min. after drink


180 min. after drink

PERFORMING THE TEST (Collection Steps)

Collect your baseline sample following steps 1-4.

1.    1. Hold the EasySampler device in one hand and a collection tube in the other hand. You will only exhale once per each sample collection. Take a normal (not deep) breath in; close your mouth around the mouthpiece then blow out normally.

2. Exhale once per each sample collection. As you exhale the bag fills with air. Keep it inflated. (There is a small hole in the bag, this is intentional). During your exhalation, insert the test tube into the needle holder completely so the stopper on the tube is punctured.

3. Remove the test tube after 1-2 seconds. Keep the bag inflated until after the test tube is removed from the test tube holder.

4. Complete the tube label provided. Make certain you label the Sample # correctly or your results will be inconclusive.

5. Drink the entire test solution you prepared and then wait 20 minutes. Collect one breath sample every 20 minutes until all test tubes are used. Collect all samples following the Sample Chart and Collection Steps 1-4.

6. Put collection test tubes in the bubble bag(s). Place the bubble bag(s), any paperwork, and the EasySampler device back in the cardboard container, are return to the laboratory for analysis immediately.

Return the kit immediately for analysis.

Your breath sample is only stable for 14 days after collection.