Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to follow a special diet before my procedure?

This helps with the cleansing process to ensure a proper prep prior to your colonoscopy and to prevent having to redo your colonoscopy due to poor prep. 

What can I eat during the special diet?

During the seven day period prior to your colonoscopy, you may eat white bread, pasta, white rice, lean meats like chicken and fish, well-cooked vegetables without the skin, fruit without skin or seeds. Choose canned fruits and canned or cooked vegetables over raw fresh vegetables. Choose white bread, white rice, and products made with refined flour. Avoid whole grain and whole wheat bread, pasta, etc. Avoid brown rice. Drink juices without pulp. Eat tender, well-cooked meats. 

How much liquid do I have to drink?

In total, you will need to drink one gallon of liquid in two equal doses of 64 oz. each.  

For a morning procedure, you will need to drink 64 oz. between 6 pm-8 pm the night before your procedure and 64 oz. between 10 pm-12 am the night before your procedure. 

For an afternoon procedure, you will need to drink 64 oz. between 6 pm-8 pm the evening before your procedure and 64 oz. between 5 am-7 am the morning of your procedure.  

Why do I need to take simethicone (infant gas drops)? 

We recommend patients take the simethicone infant gas drops to relieve gas and bloating that may result from the large dose of laxatives necessary to ensure a proper procedure prep. 

Can I start taking the laxative earlier so I am not up all night? 

Generally, no. These guidelines are to ensure a proper prep prior to your colonoscopy and prevent the need to reschedule if your prep is not complete. 

How long will I be at the Surgery Center? 

You should expect to be at the Surgery Center for about two hours. This allows time to gather necessary information, prepare you for your procedure, complete the procedure, and recovery time. The procedure itself is typically about 15-20 minutes. 

What measures are you taking to prevent the spread of COVID during my procedure? 

All staff members and patients are required to wear masks at all times in the Surgery Centers. Face shields, gloves, and gowns are worn by all staff in procedure rooms and high-risk areas. Family members are restricted from entering the facility - only patients are permitted. All staff members and patients are required to have their temperature taken and logged upon entry to the facility. Air exchange numbers are monitored to ensure they are within normal guidelines. All patient areas are disinfected after any contact. Increased cleaning and disinfecting measures are taken daily throughout the entire facility.  

What is the cost of my procedure? 

Due to varying benefits offered by each insurance plan, please contact your insurance company to determine your specific out of pocket expenses, if any. You can find some general guidelines here

Why do I have to schedule my colonoscopy and endoscopy separately? 

During the COVID pandemic, we are taking added safety measures to minimize the risk of exposure to patients, Physicians, and staff members. Since it has been shown that COVID is spread primarily through airborne droplets that may be released during your endoscopy, we are taking a precautionary step to allow for extra disinfecting procedures and reduce the risk of exposure to the virus. 

Can my driver stay? 

At this time, only patients are permitted to enter the facility. Drivers must wait outside the building. Our staff will contact your driver when you are ready to be discharged and will pick you up at the patient exit. Our staff will accompany the patient to the vehicle to ensure safety. 

When will I know my results? 

Results are typically available within seven days of your procedure. Please register for a portal account or log into your existing portal account here to view your results in the timeliest manner or to ask your Physician a question. Results are found in the My Health tab under Documents or Results. To communicate with your Physician and receive the quickest response, log into your portal account and click Send a Message at the top of the screen.