POSTED ON 06/12/2019
Almost everyone experiences abdominal bloating at some point in life. Unfortunately, some people experience it more than others. Some individuals experience bloating with irritable bowel syndrome, a common condition, while others can’t figure out why they have it. When you have severe bloating ...
POSTED ON 04/12/2019
If you find yourself experiencing any gastrointestinal discomfort or challenges when it comes to using the restroom, you shouldn’t ignore the symptoms and assume they will go away or fix themselves. You could experiencing irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS.
POSTED ON 02/08/2019
For some, the onset of stomach issues can be sudden and quick. You feel a pain in your stomach, need to rush to the restroom, you might have a one-time case of diarrhea, and then you can get back to your normal routine. For others, dealing with stomach pains and diarrhea may very well be a days-l...
POSTED ON 04/16/2018
It’s time. Time for us to better understand irritable bowel syndrome. Time for those who endure its symptoms to speak up. Time for silent sufferers to get help. IBS does not have to be this strange, unspoken, embarrassing disorder. We don’t have to feel strange and embarrassed to talk about i...
POSTED ON 07/17/2017
When Pepto Bismol sang “Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea,” were they talking about IBD or IBS? There is definitely a correct answer, and knowing which could be the difference in feeling relief or not.WHAT ARE THEIR SIMILARITIES?
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